NOTICE: Lanes are no longer private with minimums. You can book for any number of guests, but if you book for less than 8, you may be paired with other people. We say it's a great way to make new friends!

So, what can we play, DC?

throw Social Footbowling
Throw Social Curling DC
Throw Social Curling Rock
throw Social Curling Rock DC



In a crazy mash-up of football and bowling, the first team to knock all the pins down wins. Beware... it's harder than it looks and your little sister will probably beat you  - badly. Forty Five minutes of ball-bouncing fun.

Anyone who doesn't like sliding their stones on the sheet toward the house can't be our friend. The new sexy. 

One hour of iceless curling with a fruity drink in your hand.

Throw Social Kick Axe Throwing


(at our sister venue, Kick Axe Throwing​®, downstairs)

Hatchets & targets... and no one gets hurt! This lumberjack-ian twist on darts gives an amazing sense of satisfaction when you stick it.  Dat axe tho. 

Our axe throwing is offered through our sister site, Kick Axe Throwing​®, which is directly below us. We know - it's awesome that you don't even have to leave the building - just take the elevator! It's like going from Summer to Winter in one stop. So axe-hilarating!