THRōW Social®  Experience Gift Vouchers 

*Vouchers good for bookings & reservations made online & not on food & drink onsite, special events or walk-ins.

Vouchers not valid the day of purchase. 

Throw Social Gift Certificate

Want a more exciting looking voucher than the one Bookeo gives you?

Download the one below!


The Deets of Experience Vouchers


The recipient will be able to use the voucher for up to a year from the date of purchase, and the booking itself can be for any future date!


1. Enter your own name, rather than the recipient's name. (No name will be written on the voucher itself -- this is just for payment and record-keeping purposes.)  

2.  The recipient will redeem the voucher by entering the promotion code when they are making their booking. 

3. If they book for less than the amount of the voucher, the credit will be added under their email for use on their next booking!